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Respect the Elephants to Maintain Nature’s Harmony

In this planet, we are not living alone. There are a lot of other creatures. We need to make sure that we can live in harmony with those creatures.

Perhaps, the closest creatures in term of its similarity with us are the animals. Indeed, we know that there are a lot of animals out there starting from the small ones to the big ones.

Let us take the example of elephants.

Just like us, elephants have the right to live peacefully on this planet.

Therefore, it is very suggested for you to respect the animal world of the elephants.

Such thing is very important because if you do not respect the elephants, one day, you will get the revenge somehow.

Based on such things mentioned above, actually, it is obvious that elephant wild hunting is forbidden. It is because, first, such thing is not respecting the elephant.

Second, elephant wild hunting will make such animals become extinct. Therefore, it is highly recommended for you who are keen in hunting illegally to stop doing it.

It is very important to stop hunting elephants to maintain the harmony of the nature. All bad things that we do will give us the impact sooner or later.

That is why we need to open our eyes. Elephants are the God’s creatures. We do not have the right to take their life without any reasonable excuse.

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