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How to Improve Snake Feeding

 Snakes are quite attractive as pets.

However, feeding them is not always easy as simple as putting mice in the tank and to have it gone the next day.

Sometimes our snakes refuse to feed and here are the tips and hints to overcome such problems.

There are always reasons why your snakes reluctant to feed.

The causes include unsuitable box or vivarium, insufficient heat, no hiding or cover area, unsuitable food item, recently wild caught animal and others.

How to Improve Snake Feeding

Therefore, to solve your snake feeding problems we should improve things from the source of causes.

Snakes often prefer tighter surrounding therefore if your vivarium or box is too large then you need to make it smaller.

A Tupperware box that is not larger than the snake’s length is suitable for a hatchling snake.

In animal world snakes need balance temperature to keep their thermal gradient.

If the temperature is too cool the snakes may go off its food.

A snake must also have a place to retreat when it needs to feel safe.

The hiding area for you snake should be fit for the snake.

Artificial branches and plants are also good to use as snakes usually feel more secure among the branches and leaves.

If you do all of these tips, probably your snakes will love more to feed.

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