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The Bald Eagle’s Nesting Period

If we take a look at the bald Eagle’s nest we will see that it is truly an architectural accomplishment.

In a large tree you will see a breeding pair of bald Eagle will start wedging branches and begin sticks into a fork.

The bald eagle’s nest is lined with fine vegetation and woody material and after several years the nest is re-used.

On a cliff the eagles will build a nest in areas where there are no trees.

The Bald Eagle’s Nesting Period

In a year the bald eagles usually produce one to three eggs.

The commonly number of eggs per year is two.

In that case is rarely more than two chicks survived.

The size of bald eagle’s egg is about three inches long with a color of bluish white.

To incubate the eggs both parents usually take turns until 43-36 days.

In animal world it is said that the chicks of bald eagles are semi-altricial.

It means that the chicks hatch with downy feathers’ covering but for food and warmth they are still entirely dependent.

The parents of bald eagle are devoted ones that will bring fish and carcasses to their nest and present the eaglets delicately with small pieces that are held in their beaks.

After 70 to 98 days the chicks of bald eagles fledge during which they grow mottled brown flight feathers and molt their downy feathers.

On the nest’s edge the young birds are often seen perched.

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