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The Famous and Favorite Parrots

 Among thousands of bird species in the world, parrots are the famous and favorite ones to be kept as pets.

Here we will discuss on why they are so desired and valued.

Also, we will talk about what makes them distinct from other birds.

In animal world, parrots belong to family of birds called Psittacines.

The Famous and Favorite Parrots

Parrots are also popular with the name hookbills referring to their distinctive bills’ shape.

For many people parrots make wonderful pets coming in various brilliant colors and sized.

These birds are well known because of their talking ability and their intelligence.

They will bond to people and frequently like to cuddle with their owners.

They are fun and playful while their crazy antics are able to bring joy into anyone’s life.

Around the world parrots can be found in the areas with tropical and sub tropical climates.

Arranged in families or groups there are more than 350 species of parrots around the world.

The loris, budgies, cockatoos, rosellas and cockatiels are some of the most familiar parrots coming from Australia and the South Pacific.

From the new world are groups of amazons, conures and macaws.

From Africa there are groups of lovebirds, African grey, senegals and jardines while from Asia are the ringnecks.

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