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The Prey and Feeding Habits of Eagle

Eagle is well known as powerful bird with fantastic ability to fly for hours effortlessly.

A very large variety of preys are hunted by the Eagle bird species.

This is due to their large distribution across the universe as well as their specific specialization.

The Prey and Feeding Habits of Eagle

The serpent eagles as the name are the group of Eagles in animal world that hunt primarily snakes.

Another group of Eagles, the Bateleur Eagles hunt adequately snakes and have established ingenious ways to deal with the snakes’ poisonous bite.

Interesting fact about Bateleur Eagle includes facts that the bird can lower its head and then open its wings to make itself looks bigger. 

When it raises a crest of feather on its head, this usually will distract the snake. 

As the result, the snake will usually try to bite the distracting feather while certainly the bite is harmless because there is no blood in the feather.

In that the eagle can benefit using its powerful talons to subdue the snake.

Fish eagles are also another famous group of eagles.

At snatching fish from water’s surface they have grown very adept.

Some of the group that are often encountered are the Stellers Fish Eagle, the bald Eagle, the White tailed sea Eagle and the African Fish Eagle.

The other groups of eagles tend to eat mainly mammals such as rodents, rabbits, lemmings, hares as well as birds and other raptors.

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