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Common Facts about Snakes

 Snakes are interesting animals to discuss.

It is always challenging to talk about common facts related to snakes in animal world.

Snakes have a narrow and long body with internal organs designed to fit their body type.

It is vital for snakes that their environmental is not polluted or clean as they only have one functioning lung.

The number of belly scales that the snakes have can be told by how many “vertabreas” they have.

This is another fantastic fact to know about snakes.

Common Facts about Snakes

Snakes are able to swallow their prey which sizes are many times bigger because their jaws are evolved.

That means, unlike those in other animals, the jaws of snakes are not locked together.

Instead snakes’ jaws can be separated into two parts.

The snakes’ vision is very awesome and it s very different to ours.

Snakes can see heat and movements.

Snakes only hear things with low frequencies so you will not able to talk to them.

If you quit breathing probably the snake will not hear you however If you make vibration like stomping your feet they will definitely pay attention to it.

Even a picture that a cobra can be hypnotized by flute playing of someone is not correct because it is not the music that drives the snake but the stomping done by the person.

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