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Protection to Prevent Crocodile’s Extinction

Although it has been considered as one of the most dangerous animals, it doesn’t mean that crocodile don’t have the enemies.

Crocodile doesn’t have the natural enemies in the animal world.

In the animal kingdom, crocodile has filled the top position of the food chain.

This is the natural predator of many animals.

So, what caused the extinction of the crocodile if it doesn’t have the natural predator?

Sadly, we have to say that human being is the threat for the crocodile.

Protection to Prevent Crocodile’s Extinction

Instead of protecting it as one of the most unique animals in the animal world, human being even did, and some are still doing some actions that put the crocodile under the threats.

Massive hunting for the crocodile has been done illegally in many countries in the world.

The crocodile’s skin has been considered as the awesome material for the ladies’ accessories.

In some other countries, the crocodile’s meat has been named as the excellent food that has many fans.

That is why, to protect the crocodile from the human being actions, and to prevent its extinction from the animal world, many rules have been set.

Those rules are important to make sure that any kinds of crocodile hunting actions could be sued and put behind bars.

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