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World’s Effort to Maintain the Crocodile’s Existence

Crocodile is one of the oldest animal species in the world.

In fact, this animal has been considered as the only existing living dinosaurs in the world.

In the animal world, crocodile has been considered as the most dangerous animals.

It is the top level of the food chain in the animal kingdom.

This is why; some people have considered it as the most dangerous animal in the world.

The fear against the crocodile has been set the false mindset of the people.

They have considered that this animal should be hunted.

World’s Effort to Maintain the Crocodile’s Existence

In some countries, there were some cases of people were being attacked by the crocodile, and some of them have ended up fatally.

Unfortunately, in other places in the world, the crocodile has been hunted to be slaughtered to get the skin and meat.

This is the threat of the crocodile’s existence in the animal world.

That is why; the conservation efforts to improve the crocodile’s population have been accelerated.

The world has agreed that the crocodile should be secured from the extinction’s threats.

Many regulations to protect the crocodile have been set.

Many illegal hunting actions have been captured.

All of those efforts are important to maintain the crocodile in animal world.

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